Flower Crowns + Hippie Fashion

BeInspireful - Hippie12
Tank Top – Charlotte Russe / Shorts – Garage / Sandals – DSW

Summer is the season of musical festivals! It’s the perfect place to dress like a hippie and wear flower crowns. Here’s a simple outfit idea for these fun social gatherings. I went for the girl next door kind-of-look. Instead of wearing a white tee and jeans – I went with a sheer white tank top and distressed demin shorts. I dressed the simple look up with a few accessories. Overall, I think this a great easy look to replicate for hot summer concerts. It’s something you probably own in your own closet – making it super inexpensive.  I also just crafted the flower crown myself (watched a youtube tutorial) . Anyhow thanks for reading this post! Till next time. ~bBeInspireful - Hippie10BeInspireful - Hippie11.jpg



Crop Top + High Waisted Shorts

BeInspireful - Highwaisted Shorts9
Top – JC Penney / Shorts – Abercrombie / Sandals – Kohl’s

Correct me if I’m wrong…but the unofficial summer time uniform consists of crop tops & high waisted shorts. It’s really no surprise that demin shorts are the staples of summer fashion. The right pair can accentuate your legs and also make your butt look good as well (which is always a plus). The one I am wearing are actually from Abercrombie’s kid section (petite people problems). They are great because they hide my tummy. With more coverage around the waist, pairing it with a crop top seems like the natural fit. My colorful crop top has a floral print detail. Together this combo is perfect for the effortlessly cool gal. It’s a laid-back kind of outfit that beats the summer heat in style! ~bBeInspireful - Highwaisted Shorts10BeInspireful - Highwaisted Shorts12

Nature + Floral Skirt Outfit

BeInspireful - Nature + Floral Outfit5.jpg
Top – Kohl’s / Skirt – Forever 21 / Sandals – Steve Madden

Spending some time outdoors is essential for a perfect day in the summer for me. I love the warmer climate and dressing for it (one of the many reasons why I moved to the South). As you already know, I am a big fan of dresses but skirts are also up there as well. With so many variations in prints and styles – I own a handful of them. This A-line floral skirt is one of my favorite for the summer! It buttons up in the front and has pockets, so it’s cute and functional. I paired it with a plain yellow top so there wouldn’t be a clash in patterns. I think this girly outfit would be great for the first day of school! It’s not super dressy and it will keep you cool throughout the day. Anyhow, I hope this post helps spark some outfit ideas! ~bBeInspireful - Nature + Floral Outfit4

Summer Glow Outfit

BeInspireful - Summer Glow 9
Wet Seal Eyelet Dress – $8 // Kohl’s Beige Sandals – $10 // BaubleBar Necklace

Summer has a way of bringing out the natural glow in all of us. Maybe it’s the sun kiss tans or the carefree vibe that permeates the air but it is easily one of my favorite seasons.  The next few blog posts will be pictures from my summers in Ohio featuring some cute outfits (of course!). Cornfields, back roads, and sunshine are all quintessential to my small hometown and I can’t wait to share parts of it  with you guys!BeInspireful - Summer Glow 11BeInspireful - Summer Glow 10For the first pictures in the series, I am wearing a cream eyelet dress. It’s very simple but also charming and flattering. In the summer time you can easily look put-together by throwing on a basic dress. You don’t have to be fussy about matching bottoms, making it an easy go-to option.  Also, look for white and cream colors so you can show off your glowing tan! To finish off my outfit, I just wore some beige sandals and a layered necklace. Uncomplicated accessories put more emphasis on the dress and the individual wearing it!BeInspireful - Summer Glow 12

All in all, I love this effortless ensemble because it has a touch of femininity. It’s soft and sweet – perfect for any summer day. ~b

Apartment Haul 2017 + Updated Studio Tour

So good news! My studio apartment is almost done (85%). I can’t wait to share the complete video tour with you guys when I’m finished.  In the meantime, enjoy this collective apartment haul video of home décor and furniture pieces that I bought. I am going for a bright contemporary living space so I purchased a lot of light, neutral, and modern items. Everything was pretty affordable so I linked the exact/similar items below. Keep in mind that the prices that I paid for are different from the websites because I hunted the clearance aisles or waited for a special promotion. But as always I hope you guys get some creative ideas and found this post helpful! ~b

Update: Check out my fully decorated studio apartment here https://beinspireful.wordpress.com/2017/09/06/city-studio-apartment-tour-324-sq-ft-655-rent/BeInspireful - AptHaul8

Target – Door Mat Geo Triangles // $13


BeInspireful - AptHaul1

Marshalls – Mid-Century Mod Wood Legs Accent Chair // $100

Similar style :


BeInspireful - AptHaul9

Marshalls – Dual Tone Wooden Stool // $25

Marshalls – Decor Plant // $17

BeInspireful - AptHaul2

Marshalls – Nailhead Accent Solid Wood Legs Desk Chair // $70

Similar Style:


BeInspireful - AptHaul4

Minted – Wall Art Prints Desert Lake // Free


BeInspireful - AptHaul3

West Elm Outlet: Audrey Nightstand // $102


BeInspireful - AptHaul6.jpg

Minted – Mommy’s Baby Elephant Art Print // Free


BeInspireful - AptHaul12.jpg

Marshalls – Home Decor Plant // $6

BeInspireful - AptHaul10.jpg

My colorful kitchen shelf at my apartment.

BeInspireful - AptHaul7.jpg

Ikea – Norberg Wall Mounted Dinging Table // $40


BeInspireful - AptHaul5.jpg

Ikea – Nisse Folding Dining Chair // $25


BeInspireful - AptHaul15.jpg

Wayfair – Morphis Upholstered Platform Bed // $275


Amazon – Tuft & Needle Full Mattress // Free (won an Amazon gift card from a contest)


BeInspireful - AptHaul16BeInspireful - AptHaul14

Ikea – Curtain Window Panel Door // $40 (total cost of all items to install)


BeInspireful - AptHaul17

West Elm floor length mirror is priced at $400. I found a much better deal for a floor length mirror at Ikea.

BeInspireful - AptHaul18

Ikea – Hovet Full Floor Length Mirro // $130


BeInspireful - AptHaul11

Hope you enjoyed this apartment haul! Stay tuned for complete studio apartment video tour on my YouTube channel!

Empty Studio Apartment Tour

Hi all! Here’s an unfurnished video tour of my current studio apartment. I moved from Ohio to a metropolitan city in the South. I have been living here for a few months now and I absolutely love it here! It’s definitely a different atmosphere from all the other places that I’ve lived before. The energy of the city is contagious! I can’t tell you guys enough how lucky I am to snag this 324 sq. ft. studio with a monthly rent of $655. Most apartments in uptown are around a grand (yikes!). On top of the affordable price, my unit came with everything I could possibly need! There’s ample of built-in storage, a desk work-space, washer/dryer, dresser, etc. In addition, the amenities here are also noteworthy. There are two pools and fitness centers, café/computer room, and outside lounging areas. This is by far my favorite apartment I have ever lived in. I really couldn’t have been happier with my decision to call this place my home. ~b

BeInspireful - AptPic3BeInspireful - AptPic11BeInspireful - AptPic10BeInspireful - AptPic12BeInspireful - AptPic6BeInspireful - AptPic2BeInspireful - AptBathroomBeInspireful - AptPic4

BeInspireful - AptPic1

BeInspireful - AptFloorplan


Chandelier Project

Whenever I decorate a space I make it a mission to add art pieces that I created. Not only does this make my home more unique but I also find the process of creating very fulfilling. It makes a style statement while also becoming a great conversation piece for my guest. For my college apartment,  I loved the idea of having a classy light fixture.   However, I knew the idea was not very feasible due to the small living arrangements and the hefty price tag for a chandelier. This still didn’t deter me from incorporating a little glamour into my quaint studio. In place of a real chandelier – I drew one instead. I digitally painted a chandelier to create a Gatsby-like illustration. Then I went to my local thrift store and purchased two three dollar frames. I was immediately drawn to the frame’s ornate details and its’ potential. Just by adding a quick coat of black spray paint – I gave the frames new life. Overall, the project took me quite a while but I’m very happy with my budget friendly creation. The finished art work became a chic centerpiece above my bed.

BeInspireful - Chandelier Project 2I filmed the whole transformation. I documented my steps by taking pictures for each drawing phase. After that I was able to compile the images altogether to create a fast-lapse video. I hope you guys enjoy seeing the project take shape from start to finish! ~b

BeInspireful - Chandelier Project 1