Donating My Hair for the 1st time! // Pantene Beautiful Lengths

BeInspireful - Hair Donate 29BeInspireful - Hair Donate 24BeInspireful - Hair Donate 26BeInspireful - Hair Donate 28

Donating my hair to a cause has always been on my bucket list. On Jan. 8, 2018, I was able to cross it off! I recently chopped off  about 17 inches of my hair and donated 16 inches to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. Here are my before/after pictures + a video documenting my whole experience!

1.) Why Pantene?

There are so many organizations to consider when picking a charity for hair donation. All with pros and cons, but I loved that fact that Pantene offered free wigs to women battling cancer. Creating real hair wigs is a costly matter and some organizations have to charge patients a small fee to help offset the cost. However, I’m not a fan of this method because I think giving back should always come with no strings attached.

Pantene is also all about women empowering other women (#GirlPower) which I wholeheartedly support.

3.) Requirements.

To donate to the program your ponytail length has to be a minimum of 8 inches. Also no dyes, bleaches, or chemicals to the hair is accepted. In addition, your hair can have no more than 5% of gray to be consider. To learn more about Pantene’s hair donation requirements click here.

2.) Afterthought.

It takes 8 – 15 ponytails to create just one Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig, so every donation counts! If you are hesitant on donating, I encourage you to just go for it. Short hair is absolutely liberating — no regrets on my end. And overall, it just feels sooooo good knowing how impactful my hair donation can have on someone’s life. Think about it…the dead stuff that grows on your head can restore hope in someone’s heart. How beautiful is that? 🙂



Dreamy West Palm Beach

BeInspireful - West Palm Beach Love 6
Top – H&M / Shorts – American Eagle / Sandals – Vionic / Crossbody – Modcloth / Sunglasses – Talbots

Happy Wednesday, everyone! One of the main reasons I started blogging was because I wanted to document parts of my life. Like a diary of sorts, I love the ability to reflect back with words and beautiful photography. Below are photos taken in West Palm Beach, Florida this past summer.

Naturally anywhere with tropical palm trees is my type of vacation and West Palm Beach was no exception. It’s absolutely gorgeous! My family and I were only there briefly after our cruise to the Bahamas. Regardless of the short stay, I still loved strolling around the sophisticated streets and gazing at the colorful pastel architecture. We also had time to venture to the beach and enjoy the calming seaside bliss. Hearing the waves rolled in, eased and rejuvenated my soul with a sense of carefreeness. I love peaceful and relaxing destination, so I hope to travel back one day to fully experience all that West Palm Beach has to offer! ~bBeInspireful - West Palm Beach Love 1BeInspireful - West Palm Beach Love 2BeInspireful - West Palm Beach Love 3BeInspireful - West Palm Beach Love 4BeInspireful - West Palm Beach Love 5

Retro Diner Look / Valentine’s Day Outfit

BeInspireful - Retro Diner Outfit 5
Cardigan – F21 / Top- Wet Seal / Jeans – Marshalls / Shoes – Kohl’s

BeInspireful - Retro Diner Outfit 1BeInspireful - Retro Diner Outfit 2.jpgBeInspireful - Retro Diner Outfit 3Valentine’s Day is on the horizon so I know a few of you ladies out there have some date night plans. Here’s my take on a casual cute look that’s perfect for any playful rendezvous! ~b

Date Setting:

From comfort classic foods to iconic retro decor, there’s definitely something special about diners. It’s a place that offers a fun experience for everyone making it an ideal spot to share a milkshake or sundae with your significant other. 😉

What I Wore: 

It’s safe to say that the general color scheme for Valentine’s Day revolves around pink and red tones. In this outfit I opted for a blush pink pin-striped top with a comfy periwinkle cardigan. A pair of white jeans complemented well with the lighter hues and to complete the whole look, I put a girly bow in my hair. Soft and sweet, I’m in love with this feminine ensemble!

Apartment Haul 2018 (Modern + Contemporary)

New Year, New Haul!

Hello friends! As promised, here’s a collective haul featuring furniture pieces for my boyfriend’s apartment. He has been living in his high rise studio for a few months now , but as you know – decorating a home is always a work in progress. While shopping, we sought after minimal modern designs that would help craft a contemporary space that was simple, practical, and stylish. We managed to get a lot of items on sale around the holidays due to the monsoon of promotions going on. However, please be aware that the listed prices in my video might not reflect the same price on the retailer’s website. Even so, all the furniture items are still very affordable and great pieces to consider if you are interested. As always, thanks again for stopping by. I’ll talk ya guys in my next blog post!


BeInspireful - Apt. Haul 7Wayfair –  Scandinavian-inspired Bed Frame
BeInspireful - Apt. Haul 3Dot & BoContemporary Desk ( in stock at Target )
BeInspireful - Apt. Haul 5IkeaModern Tv StandBeInspireful - Apt. Haul 6Walmart49 “Smart Tv ( in stock Best Buy )
BeInspireful - Apt. Haul 4Marshalls –  Sleek Night Stand BeInspireful - Apt. Haul 2IkeaSimple Storage Cabinet+ 3 Cabinet DoorsBeInspireful - Apt. Haul 1BeInspireful - High Rise Apt. Mock Up 1

I also included a mock up picture that a talented interior designer created for our space. It was a fun experience and I am so appreciative for her help. However it is a more of a girly glam look which doesn’t fit our overall style.

Vintage Vinyl Outfit

BeInspireful - Record Store Outfit 12.JPG
Top – Lc Kohl’s / Jeans – American Eagle / Booties – Kohl’s / Tote Bag – Tory Burch

If you guys watched my recent mini haul then you will know that I won an embossed record player from Urban Outfitters. Excited to test out my new stylish audio player, I made a beeline to my local record store. As I filed through the music selections, I was transported in time. From one hit wonders of the 80’s to head-bopping tunes of the 90’s, there were sooo many options. Although in today’s age of modern digital media vinyls may appear to be inconvenient. The vinyl revival is very much alive and they are making a comeback in sales. Records offer music lovers a different experience. They are retro, classic, and emit nostalgia vibes. A perfect fit for any hipster’s cozy living room. I plan on collecting a few for my home.  🙂 ~b
BeInspireful - Record Store Outfit 10BeInspireful - Record Store Outfit 8.jpgBeInspireful - Record Store Outfit 7BeInspireful - Record Store Outfit 11

Cannon Beach Photography

BeInspireful - Cannon Beach1BeInspireful - Cannon Beach2BeInspireful - Cannon Beach6BeInspireful - Cannon Beach3BeInspireful - Cannon Beach5.jpgAs the weather continues to plummet into the low 30’s on the East Coast, my mind can’t help but yearn for the warm, inviting, West Coast sun rays. Last year in early October, I took a mini getaway to one of Oregon’s classic seaside town, Cannon Beach. I have always loved the beach, there’s just something about the sea air that invigorates my soul with tranquility. Cannon Beach was a wide sun-kissed stretch of sand with rocky shores. Charming, quaint, and picturesque – it easily became one favorite destinations of 2017! While, I wish I could be whisked away and hop on the next flight there – that’s just not realistic or feasible. But, I can rejoice in the memories by posting a few of my favorite pics from my trip. 🙂 Hope you enjoy them! Where are you hoping to jet set to next? ~b

Warm Glow of Holiday Cheer

BeInspireful - Christmas Town Outfit 1
Cardigan – H&M / Jeans – American Eagle / Boots – Forever 21

Hi guys! It’s the official first post of 2018 and I’m starting it off with an outfit from 2017. Sorry I was MIA, but the holidays kept me pretty busy hanging out with the people I love 🙂 . These photos were taken on Christmas Eve in a little town known as Christmas Town USA. Population 665. The festive town dazzled and twinkled with 500,000 Christmas lights. This is an ongoing tradition within the community since 1956. The holiday lights sparked the streets with pure joy. It was absolutely heartwarming to see how excited all the children were in this glimmering wonderland!

In these photos I’m posing inside a giant pine tree draped in stringed lights. Not your so average photoshoot – 😉 but I thought they turned out pretty neat! The lights danced and flickered all around me, leaving me a state of happiness. It also provided the perfect backdrop for this impromptu shoot. Anywho, more fun content is coming on the blog and I can’t wait to share them with you guys! In the meantime, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for reading and stopping by. I am so appreciative for your support. I’m wishing everyone a very bright and blessed year. ❤ ~b
BeInspireful - Christmas Town Outfit 2BeInspireful - Christmas Town Outfit 3BeInspireful - Christmas Town Outfit 6.jpgBeInspireful - Christmas Town Outfit 5BeInspireful - Christmas Town Outfit 4